March 2015

The Italian Community Days is, since 2006, the most important event organized by all the .NET italian communities. 3 Days of sessions, labs, workshop, 5 parallels tracks, a lot of speaker, a lot of people, a great event!

For the first time in Italy me, and my friend Pasquale Fersini, have made a presentation about Xamarin Robotics, an incoming library that “simplifies the task of building complex .NET Microframework (MF) powered robots and communicating with them from within Xamarin apps”.

The library split in two main platform stack:

  • The Mobile Stack contains features for communicating with wearables (health monitoring devices and smartwatches) as well as microcontrollers (Netduino and Arduino)
  • The Microcontroller Stack runs on .NET Micro Framework compatible microcontroller platforms such as the Netduino

Following the slides from our talk:


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