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Last friday, thanks to JetBit and to my friend Massimo Bilancia, DotNetSide has organized the first Xamarin Dev Days in Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. What a great day! Meet people, make networking, share development experience in a wonderful location is always the best way to spend a day.

Here, some pictures of the day:

Thanks to all the attendees!
Next stop: april 20 @ bari

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Performance are one of the key features in the app development. If your app is too slow, the users will close it immediately. In this post, you can find some interesting videos from Channel9 about performance optimization of apps builded with Xamarin.

Xamarin.Forms Performance Tips and Tricks

Optimizing App Performance with Xamarin.Forms

Performance Adventures

The Xamarin Show 11: Xamarin Profiler with Nina Vyedin

Just few more links…

Additionally, you can check out some tips and tricks links:


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