Xamarin Studio

Last friday, thanks to JetBit and to my friend Massimo Bilancia, DotNetSide has organized the first Xamarin Dev Days in Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. What a great day! Meet people, make networking, share development experience in a wonderful location is always the best way to spend a day.

Here, some pictures of the day:

Thanks to all the attendees!
Next stop: april 20 @ bari

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If you are a typical Visual Studio user, you’ll find easy use the menu Debug > Windows > Exception Settings and set your favorite option to break debug when a specific exeption was thrown:


But, in Xamarin Studio, that thing is just a little bit different. You need to set a new breakpoint from the menù Run > New Breakpoint:


Then you must select the “When an exception is thrown” options:


Finally, you can choose the exception that will cause the debugger’s break, eventually by including their subclasses:


That’s all!

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