What’s new in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the Microsoft framework for message exchange between systems, has come a long way since when it was called Indigo, about ten years ago.

In the last versions, all the efforts have gone in the direction to optimize and simplify development:

  • Simplified Generated Configuration Files
  • Contract-First Development
  • Add Service Reference From a Portable Subset Project
  • ASP.NET Compatibility Mode Default Changed
  • Streaming Improvements
  • New Transport Default Values
  • XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas
  • WCF Configuration Validation
  • XML Editor Tooltips
  • BasicHttpBinding Improvements

You can find all the details about this topics on the following page: WCF Simplification Features. If you are curious about what’s new in WCF 4.5, check this page.

In the next posts we’ll see some of the improvements and the impact in the everyday development.

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