[Book Review] Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner’s Guide

Sparrow is one of the most currently used framework to develop games for iOS and this book is absolutely a nice guide to start with it. Sparrow is an easy-to-use framework and is intended for 2D games and multimedia applications with built-in support for animation, managing objects on the screen, and touch support.

This book offer a good practical introduction to the various concepts of game development applied by the Sparrow framework, starting from “how to move objects in a scene” to “how we can use artificial intelligence”. The book is for beginners in game development, this means that you have to already to know XCode, Objective-C and the principles of object-oriented programming. All code samples are written only in Objective-C, no one is written in Swift.

Here the complete list of table of contents:

  • Getting Started with Sparrow
  • Displaying Our First Objects
  • Managing Assets and Scenes
  • The Basics of Our Game
  • Beautifying Our Game
  • Adding Game Logic
  • User Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence and Game Progression
  • Adding Audio to Our Game
  • Polishing Our Game
  • Integrating Third-party Services
  • Every chapter ends with three questions about what you have learned (correct answers are reported in the last pages of the book), a good way to test your improvements.


    The book is well written and provide a good and complete guide to all the game development stages, from concept to the process of publish our game. If you want to learn the Sparrow iOS Game Framework, this is absolutely a book for you.

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