Welcome Xamarin Studio 6.0

Yesterday Miguel, during its talk at dotNetConf, has announced the release of Xamarin Studio 6.0. With this version you got a lot of benefits “including enhanced code completion, full C# 6.0 support, and a new formatting engine” thanks to the new type system, now powered by Roslyn, the Microsoft’s open source .NET compiler platform.

But, you know, the feature that I really like in this cycle 7 is the dark theme in Xamarin Studio 6!

the reason is the simplest one : I like the Visual Studio 2015 Dark Theme and, since I work with both, switch from a white background to a black background, and viceversa, is not a good idea for my eyes . Furthermore , the dark theme is more relaxing for me.

Well done guys !



Ps.: obviously there is much more, like the full support of C# 6.0 for code completion and refactoring operations! Ah, don’t forget also the ability to move windows outside!

Check here the entire list of changes:



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