A little and simple Bindable (Horizontal) Scroll View – Handling item tap gesture

A long time ago, in the first post, I wrote about the TLScrollView, a way to create a simple, horizontal and bindable list of items in Xamarin.Forms. The final result is something like the horizontal views on Apple App Store app.

After receiving some feedback, users ask for a way to handle the tap gesture on the items. We have two possible approaches: the first one is by using the classic ItemSelected event handlers, and the second one by using the Command pattern, typical solution in MVVM.

In this post we’ll explore the first approach.

Adding an ItemSelected handler to the TLScrollView

So, first of all, we need to add an ItemSelected event, a delegate of type EventHandler to the TLScrollView:

public event EventHandler<ItemTappedEventArgs> ItemSelected;

Now, in the Render method, we can add the following line in the for..each cycle, just after settings the BindingContext of the ViewCell:

viewCell.View.GestureRecognizers.Add(new TapGestureRecognizer
	Command = new Command((obj) =>
		var args = new ItemTappedEventArgs(ItemsSource, item);
		ItemTapped?.Invoke(this, args);
	NumberOfTapsRequired = 1

Now, in your XAML, you can define the handler in this way:

<controls:XScrollView Orientation="Horizontal" ItemsSource="{Binding Items}" ItemSelected="Handle_ItemSelected" HeightRequest="100">

then you can implement your handle:

void Handle_ItemSelected(object sender, Xamarin.Forms.ItemTappedEventArgs e)
	// your code

That’s really simple! But if you want build a code in line with the Separation of Concern, typical principles of MVVM, a SelectedCommand property should be the best way.

I’ll show the step neeeded to add the command pattern to the TLScrollView in the next post of this series.

Full code is available here

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